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Chris Hollis


From as early as I remember I have been utterly obsessed with songwriting and sound; in fact nothing in the world makes me happier than creating music with people. From the excitement felt when kicking off an original song idea to the pride felt when listening to the final master, I truly adore every single step of the process. My approach to songwriting and music production is reliant on nurturing an honest and open-hearted connection with artists, with an emphasis on creative expression and leaving industry nonsense and egos at the door. I am not one for templates or taking a fast-food approach to music, and always prioritise artistic motivation and expression above all else. I see my role as helping artists realise and articulate their musical ideas, but also always seeing if there is anything extra I can bring to the creative table to help them find the right sound for them

In my studio, I feel I have managed to create a vibey and inspiring space, combining a cosy ambience with a host of gear I've collected over the years. This isn't a place to sit at the back of the room and silently watch a someone scan endless sample libraries; my focus is always on keeping the creative energy high, experimenting with songwriting and sonic ideas and - of course - having fun. The studio boasts a range of acoustic and electric guitars, drums, boutique effects units and eclectic synths, as well as an assortment of unusual and quirky instruments, all run through a Slate VRS analogue modelling interface, and SSL outboard. Anyway, enough geeking out. If you would like to chat more about me, the studio, or how we can make some music together, drop me a line. :-)

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